We are currently taking commissions for painting armies.

How the commission process works? Well, first of all you email us with your request at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , specifying the kind of commission you are requesting in terms of scale and number of models, possibly giving us a correct breakdown of the kind of models you are sending us. We will send you an estimate of the costs and of the time needed for the completion of the order. If this is fine for you, we will need to get an advance of 30% of the total amount agreed. If we need to provide the models you will need to add their cost to the advance payment but you can buy them yourself online and have them shipped directly to our address (we will email this to you) in order to save on shipping charges.

 After that we will paint one model and we will send you pictures of said model so that you can evaluate if it is according to what you expect from us and if you desire any changes. If you are not satisfied we will return your models without any charge apart from the shipping.

Once you have approved the model we will complete your order, then take pictures of it and send them to you together with the payment request including the shipping charges, at cost. Once we receive the payment your order will be shipped. In case an order will be left unpaid for longer than three months from its completion, we will retain the painted models in order to cover our costs..

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