Painting Charges

After many years in this business, we have come to the conclusion that it is not really possible to determine a set price for painting a miniature figure: each figure is different and the expectations of the customer on it are his own, and rightly so. This cannot be a serial job, where a single ratio is applied indiscriminately to everything.
Therefore, aiming to offer you only the best service, we have decided to change our pricing policy in order to better tailor it to the individual needs of each customer.
If you plan to commission us a work, please ask for an estimate by emailng us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  with the details of the scale, type of figures and number of figures that you would like to have painted, plus any other detail regarding your commission. Keep in mind that we can also give you advice regarding the uniforms, the list composition and historical details for most periods and for many different gaming systems. 
We will determine together the level of service that you need, and every other single detail so that your commission will be treated as something really unique, as it should be.

In order to have a rough estimate of the figure you might be expecting, you can use the following table but remember, this is just to get a ballpark figure.

Scale of the figure   Cost per figure Camo or elaborate livery   Basing
 6mm  € 0,60  + € 0,10  + € 0,30
 10mm  € 1,00  + € 0,50  + € 0,50
 15mm  € 3,00  + € 1,00  + € 0,50
 20mm  € 4,50  + € 1,50  + € 1,00
 28mm  € 7,00  + € 2,00  + € 1,00


The above is intended for infantry figures, of course; cavalry are normally 50% more expensive of the corrispondent infantry. Vehicles should be quoted per se. Cleaning and assembly will be considered on a case by case basis: we'd rather do this ourselves, but in case you want to clean and assemble the figures yourself we will consider that the figures we receive are to your satisfaction and will proceed with painting them as they arrive to us.

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