The Studio

Warcolours specializes in painting armies for wargaming. While we do paint occasionally display models of particular centerpieces for those who require it, our core business is in providing you, our customer, with an impressively painted army to game with.

Differently from other painting services, we only use the best materials and especially paints which have been designed on purpose to be used in painting miniatures or high grade artist colours, and not cheap acrylic craft paints as it happens at times.

We also strive to achieve the greatest historical accuracy, meaning we will try to paint your models exactly the correct shade, and not just a generically similar colour: we have an extensive historical library to research accurately the right colours and shades and will give you all the advice you might require. Naturally you can simply email us the colours you want your soldiers to be painted with, but it is not necessary, since we will do the necessary historical research for you at no cost if you so desire.

Our painters collectively have decades of experience in painting miniatures and are all avid gamers too, so they understand perfectly well your need for an army which is visually appealing, not exceedingly expensive, sturdy enough to handle the gaming experience and also fast on the table. All of our painters have under their respective belts a number of "Best Painted Army" awards won by armies painted by them at a number of different tournaments. Our painters are also regular contributors to The Miniatures Page's Workbench column, so you will see some of their work there too, with tutorials and tips.

While our prices can be a little higher than those of some south east asian services, still they are close enough to be probably compensated by the difference in shipping charges, and we feel confident enough in the quality of the service we provide to think you will not mind the difference in price, if any

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